District Mission Statement

District and school-based Title 1 Parent Involvement Programs in Polk County will strive to build RELATIONSHIPS to create real family engagement for every child, every family, every teacher, every day.  

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Title 1 Overview

Components of TITLE 1 are:

  • Effective Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Parental Involvement

Studies show that the more parents are involved in the education of their child, the more academically successful that child will be. The goal of the Title 1 Parent Involvement program is to give school-based Parent Involvement Facilitators information, materials and resources to enable them to provide for their parents at the school-level. It is the job of the Facilitator to give parents the tools and resources necessary for them to help their child at home. Everyone working together in this way gives the child the best possible support for doing well in school.

Explanation of State and District Test Scores

The best understanding of a student’s academic achievement comes from looking at multiple pieces of evidence (including FSA scores) collected over time.  FCAT Developmental Scale Scores were introduced in 2002 to track student progress over time and across grade levels to indicate student “growth,” or “learning gains.” For this reason, they were the scores students and parents received on their FCAT Reading and FCAT Mathematics Student and Parent Reports. For information about the FSA and EOC (end of course) Assessments please visit the

PCSB Testing Information.

State of Florida Deparment of Education Website